Course Info

Map of Course for Spring Brake #2

An upcoming map and description of the March 20th Super D Course will be released shortly! This can be promised, the course will be a challenging mix of terrain that will test even the most skilled off road rider.

Course #1: The first course in this Super D race series will consist of a technical descent down the Hide and seek trail.  The course will start at the secondary kiosk at the entrance to Hide and Seek trail. The course will drop down the western most entrance point to Hide and Seek and traverse across and down to the exit.  The top section of Hide and Seek is a challenging and technical mix of purpose built road to trail conversion and rocky technical features.  The bottom third of Hide and Seek changes up trail types and moves into a swooping and sweeping, bermed turn roller coaster ride that will spit you out at the end point tired but with a grin on your face.
In the meantime, you best be practicing for this series!! Check out the current Sandy Ridge Trail System map to get acquainted with what's available to ride as well as directions to get you to the goods!

EVENT PARKING, Please park along East Barlow Trail Road.