Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I am sure you have all been waiting for this, it is the reason you raced, the reason you train, the reason you are you.

The Sandy Ridge Spring Brake Raffle give away sponsored by Continental tires.

Your winners, chosen at random from a hat.
Sara Johnson
Daniel Olson
Terry Craig
Phil Avery
Trent Fraley
Sarah Cunningham
Evan Mackenize

Please come into the Fat Tire Farm to claim your prize. Dress nice because we would love to take a picture of you claiming your prize to share with our sponsors.

We acknowledge that the prizes this year may not be King Salomon's lost diamond mines. We hope that you still had a great time. We truly appreciate all the racers that showed up and in return we promise to do our best to not only have better prizes next year but to also grease the palms of the weather gods in order to give us at least one sunny race day.


Spring Brake Staff